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Take a Peek at Capable

A Story of Triumph for Children the World Has Judged As "Different".

 Capable, speaks to any parent who is reeling after their child has received a potentially life-altering label.  Unlike many special needs parenting books that read like a handbook, Capable is a compelling story that conjures tears and laughter as it churns through emotions of heartbreak, fear, and euphoria that I juggled as I set out to raise my son as “typical.”  My true-life account draws readers in and has them rooting for Jack while imagining new possibilities for their own child. 


Told with humor and humility, this book is designed to inspire any parent or caregiver to see the best in their child, no matter what circumstance, label, or judgment the world has pronounced.  It poignantly illustrates what can happen when one mom unleashes the power of “yet” proving that, with sustained effort, things we never imagined are possible for our children.


It is my greatest hope that this book will lead others to parent intentionally and courageously so that their child gets the all-important message that he or she is “capable.”

 Praise for Capable

-Beth Caffoe Leonard, Author, Praying your Child through Anything

"Just finished the book... with a tear in my eye. I feel like I not only know Jack, but I now can see a piece of everyone who struggles and more clearly, the piece of myself that has always struggled too. Dr. Winking is a wonderful writer who knows how to tell a story and capture the reader's attention and interest. Many will benefit from her honesty and boldness. I absolutely laughed out loud several times and loved the way she beat herself up at times to prove the point! Dr. Winking's candidness drove home countless important messages. Treading on new ground with a powerful voice for the "different" children of our world, we should thank her for sharing the gifts of triumph."

-Megan Murphy, Mother of two


"I wish I had this book 15 years ago when my own son entered into a world of unknowns and scary diagnosis. Sharing her own journey, Dr. Winking spoke to my soul on every level...from the initial stages of heartache and disbelief, to the glorious realization of the humbling gift we have been granted simply by being chosen worthy enough to be their parents. These incredible children are the true teachers here. Dr. Winking deserves a standing ovation for her ballad of triumph, honesty, sometimes heart wrenching, but always enlightening & often times hysterically real, memoir. Thank you for helping all of us parent better, live better and believe in the power of faith, love and Capability! "

-Gail Burrell Gerry,


Research, Planning & Evaluation

"The author writes about her parenting decisions with candor and honesty, and creates a path for other parents to follow. As a life-long educator, Dr. Winking uses all her expertise and knowledge to support her son on a journey that, ultimately, is his. Your heart will break a million times for them, and will rejoice in what persistence, love and, most of all, faith can achieve. This compelling and powerful book is a joy to read and a story you won't forget."

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